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mar azul tequilas

Experience the Unparalleled Difference of Mar Azul Tequila: Handcrafted with the Finest Blue Weber Agave and 100% Natural Ingredients. Our Commitment to Excellence Guarantees a Beautifully Aromatic, Stunningly Smooth, and Richly Vibrant Tequila with a Delightful Finish. Taste the Difference Today!


Mar Azul Chocolate Tequila is a family treasure and its magic comes from choosing and using the best cocoa seeds, grown in the southwest region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

It is in that climate that thanks to the dedication of their ancestral growers, they give us the richness of their grains with their great body and aroma, complete and strong: Admire the presence of chocolate.

On the palate it leaves a generous and rich taste of bitter, superb chocolate. The perfect invitation for a lasting finish, thanks to Tequila, warm and soft.

mar azul chocolate tequila


Mar Azul Almond Tequila offers a unique and sophisticated experience by incorporating almonds sourced from some of the finest growing regions in Mexico.

This premium spirit stays true to the Mar Azul promise of using only 100% natural ingredients, ensuring an unforgettably smooth and rich almond flavor. Each sip reveals deliciously sweet hints of almonds, perfectly balanced to provide a full-bodied experience.

The Tequila delights your senses even before you taste it, emitting delicate almond aromas accented by a subtle hint of macaroon. With Mar Azul Almond Tequila, you get the perfect fusion of traditional tequila craftsmanship and exquisite almond flavors.



Mar Azul Mint Tequila is the pleasant reward of the effort to highlight its radiant freshness, which makes it our spoiled. It is made using a select mixture of mints carefully cultivated in soils of the Mexican highlands by organic farmers.

Thanks to our family recipes, its extraordinary aroma stands out presenting fresh notes of vanilla and agave. Vibrant.

Its taste is appropriate and enriching: the unmistakable intense freshness of freshly cut mint, pepper, agave and sweet vanilla. Its finish is durable and present, refreshing and soft.

You can't just settle for trying it.



Mar Azul Pomegranate Tequila is the summer gift for the whole year. Made using fresh seasonal grenades and at their exact point, from the most fertile and organic areas of Mexican soils.

When we fuse the flavor of Tequila with that of pomegranate, we find an unusual intense aroma: sweet and exotic of this distinctive tropical fruit.

Its taste on the palate is fresh with sweet and vibrant notes present for a smooth, unexpected and complete finish.



Mar Azul Banana Tequila is made in order to perfect its splendid creamy flavor using a mixture of bananas grown for this purpose and organically fertilized, guaranteeing its unique flavor.

As a result of the search for its originality, we obtain the exact aroma, tropical and fresh, with an insightful and striking flavor. When you try it, you will find a durable, warm and soft finish on the palate. As fresh as the memory of childhood but seasoned with the firmness of the agave.

Our fruits are never exposed to ethanol gas to induce ripening.



Mar Azul Coconut Tequila showcases the essence of the tropics by using only the finest coconuts from Mexico's lush regions. Adhering to the commitment of using 100% all-natural ingredients, this exceptional tequila offers a vibrant, aromatic, and authentic coconut flavor.

It's no surprise that this tropical elixir has been honored with a Double Gold Medal at the European World Spirit Competition. Mar Azul Coconut Tequila isn't just another flavored spirit; it's an exquisite fusion where the creamy sweetness of coconut perfectly complements the robust agave undertones.

This unique and luxurious tequila invites you to escape to paradise, delivering an unforgettable tropical experience with each and every sip.



Mar Azul Coffee Tequila, a fusion of premium tequila and top-tier coffee beans, delivers a unique experience. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it features a rich blend of coffee, mocha, and vanilla notes.

This artisanal tequila, based on family recipes, offers a layered aroma and taste of coffee, marrying the boldness of agave with the allure of quality coffee. Ideal for connoisseurs, it combines coffee's complexity with tequila's spirited essence.

Coffee flavor tequila


Mar Azul Añejo Tequila is the most demanding challenge of the family of our Tequilas. Its classic and superb character is due to the fact that it is carefully aged in Kentucky White Oak barrels for eighteen months, to improve the rich natural tones that our kind Agaves offer.

AROMA: Noble Notes of Caramel and Vanilla with a touch of citrus.

PALATE: Complex character, strong body with notes of smoked oak, vanilla and honey.

FINISH: Durable, firm and warm.



Mar Azul Silver Tequila is the origin and destination of the Tequilas of our House. The Tequila that distilled with mastery and our refined family recipes, offers us the firmest and noblest notes of agave. We knew that this award-winning White Tequila is to find its sip flavor. There is no hurry to delight and be surprised.

AROMA: Rich notes of oak and vanilla with a touch of citrus.

PALATE: Complex flavor of smoked woods, vanilla and honey.

FINISH: Durable, warm and soft.



Mar Azul Reposado Tequila is the path of our first recipes and distillates, carefully aged in American White Oak barrels for six months, strengthening its natural notes and its classic flavor of smoked wood.

AROMA: Noble Notes of Vanilla.

PALATE: Complex character, strong body with notes of oak, agave, smoked cinnamon.

FINISH: Durable, soft and warm.



Mar Azul Habanero Tequila is a must on the list of our flavors to try. Extraordinary carefully made fusion of our Tequila and 100% natural Habanero extract, cultivated looking for its best properties in the Mexican tropics.

AROMA: Pleasant and spicy notes of Habanero and Agave.

PALATE: Defined character, spicy, with medium body with notes of habanero and spicy agave.

FINISH: Durable, spicy and warm.