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award winning tequila


Proudly serving San Antonio, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, and other TX and surrounding areas.
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"Best tequila I have try i absolutely love it is great to drink on its own, but it's great for mixed drinks as well. Sweet but as well keto friendly because it doesn’t have added sugar super refreshing, with a smooth, silky taste, love it"

5 star google review

Patricia Ashley

Absolutely delicious Tequilla. Which flavor you ask... it doesn’t matter they are all sooooo good!!! Don’t believe me, try them you’ll see I’m right. You can thank me later 😁

5 star google review

Kathie Anderson

Each sip was a remarkable experience and the flavors were 🔥 !Mar Azul Tequila is a true masterpiece. This is the new standard for excellence in the world of tequila! Let the party begin!💃 🍹 🕺

Tasting this now...every flavor is delicious with a clean finish. Can not believe how good this is!!!! Better than Patron.

5 star google review


Not only does it taste amazing but it also gives NO HANGOVERS! I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and delicious each sip was. Mar Azul Tequila has become our go-to choice tequila!

The smoothness and exquisite flavor profile make it the perfect choice for special occasions and celebrations. Cheers to Mar Azul Tequila!

5 star google review

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